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Dual units of measure

I'm considering adding dual units of measure to Leger SMB and I am
curious if anyone else has started to work on this. It would be used by
a meat manufacturing plant, where products are ordered by the piece, but
sold by the pound. Each item would have a conversion factor to convert
between the 2 units. Ie: one bologna may weigh 10.5lb on average. So the
conversion factor would be  0.095238095.

  items are received by count and weight,
  items are ordered by pieces, but can be by weight,
  items are picked by pieces, weight is recorded also,
  items are invoiced by weight, count is recorded,
  items enter/leave inventory by count and weight.

Dual unit of measure mode could be enabled in preferences during company
setup, otherwise it works in single units like now, or possibly be
determined by the individual part setup.

This would also be useful for companies that buy and sell in different units, like buying in cases and selling in eaches.

I currently use SQL Ledger but am interested in the direction that
LedgerSMB is taking, especially regarding the use of stored procedures
for the majority of the system logic/API.

Steve Redler IV, SR Technology