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Re: Ledger-smb-devel Dual units of measure

Chris Travers wrote:

However, I am wondering if it would be better to have multi- rather
than dual- unit support.  I.e. one vendor may sell an item in 5lb
cases, while another vendor may sell them in 10lb cases.  Of one could
create multiple purchase unit types with conversions, then that
problem would be removed.  Similarly, one could use unit definitions
to provide volume discounts.

Indeed, multiple units of measure for each item is ideal. I mentioned dual units just for simplicity. The volume discounts are also an important component related to this.

Either way you are interested in going, I would be more than happy to
provide any assistance I can.  Even if it is only dual-unit support it
would be a step in the right direction (and something we could build

My biggest concern is thinking through the design with everyone so that it can be coded correctly from the start. I mostly code in Tcl, and have some Oracle pl/sql experience. I can work through some proof of concept revisions on my test server to get a handle on the task, then submit that to folks that can code perl/html interface changes better than I.

I also will be working on a telnet interface so that users with wireless handheld devices and electronic scales can fill orders and produce barcode labels following the GSI-128 specification. Thats my area of expertise.

Steve Redler IV, SR Technology