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Re: New email list announcement

On 4/15/07, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> Actually I would say that is up to Chris M. If he choses to make it a
> public issue, because he feels others are possibly going to be effected
> the same way, then that is up to him.
> Further if he wishes to keep it a private matter, that is also up to him.
> Chris obviously feels that this is important to the community.

I agree that it is Chris' decision.  But who is Chris representing, LSMB
or himself?  If the LSMB community, then why not just stick to the
larger issues (which is what I think happened).  Chris being denied
services he already paid for is about Chris and DWS, not about LSMB.
Dragging that into the mix becomes a tiff between two camps in the

If there is any reason to suspect or even be concerned that others may
be in a similar situation, then it is a community issue as well.  For
this reason, I support Chris M's decision to come forward.  The fact
is, we have made some provisions so that, if this does happen, people
are not left out in the cold.

So, yes, in my view, this is a community issue and one which I hope
has been positively addressed.  I would not expect people to ask for
help on the sql-ledger-help list unless they were unable or unwilling
to get help from DWS.  We are not aiming to be a primary source of
support, just a safety net.

The license change IS an LSMB community issue and had a direct impact on
some of my clients and I'm very grateful that it was brought to my
attention.  I almost didn't pay attention to the entire issue because
the first thing I saw was (paraphrased) "Chris M. lost services because
he tried to ask a question about the license".  I already know there's
bad blood between the core developers and DWS.  I tend to ignore
anything that seems to be a continuation of that.  And I doubt I'm the
only one who is of like mindset.

The relationship between the two projects is certainly a difficult
one.  I would be lying if I said it wasn't.  The fact is that everyone
makes mistakes.  There are things I would have done differently before
the fork if I could have another chance.  And there will be some times
when we make further mistakes.  We are, after all, only human.

Having said this, I believe very strongly in the project taking the
moral high ground.

Like I said, I switched to the LSMB community because I feel the
standards of behavior and ethics is higher here. I'm just pointing out a
perception that I think should be considered.

FWIW, I agree about this point.

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers