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Re: New email list announcement

Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Christopher Murtagh wrote:
On Saturday 14 April 2007, Charley Tiggs wrote:
No, you shouldn't.  Part of why I joined this community was that the
core team of LSMB had higher standards of behavior than the core team of

We absolutely have higher standards and we are not turning this into a little flame war with another project.

We are however, stating the facts of each incident so that users of the FOSS community as a whole understand what is going on. It is really not different that reporting security issues.

We are also following our code of conduct which you can read about on www.ledgersmb.org.

Joshua D. Drake

Let me be clear:

I agree that people should be notified of the license change. I never said differently but I can see how my statement could be taken as such. What I disagree with is the implication that Chris M.'s situation be the vehicle for sharing that information. Chris' situation is between him and Dieter and should be resolved between the two, whether that be by flame wars or fisticuffs <humor cover_my_rear="just in case I'm misunderstood" strength="weak">(beat his ass good, Chris! Can I watch? :))</humor>