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Re: New email list announcement

Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Actually I would say that is up to Chris M. If he choses to make it a public issue, because he feels others are possibly going to be effected the same way, then that is up to him.

Further if he wishes to keep it a private matter, that is also up to him.

Chris obviously feels that this is important to the community.

I agree that it is Chris' decision. But who is Chris representing, LSMB or himself? If the LSMB community, then why not just stick to the larger issues (which is what I think happened). Chris being denied services he already paid for is about Chris and DWS, not about LSMB. Dragging that into the mix becomes a tiff between two camps in the community.

The license change IS an LSMB community issue and had a direct impact on some of my clients and I'm very grateful that it was brought to my attention. I almost didn't pay attention to the entire issue because the first thing I saw was (paraphrased) "Chris M. lost services because he tried to ask a question about the license". I already know there's bad blood between the core developers and DWS. I tend to ignore anything that seems to be a continuation of that. And I doubt I'm the only one who is of like mindset.

Like I said, I switched to the LSMB community because I feel the standards of behavior and ethics is higher here. I'm just pointing out a perception that I think should be considered.