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Re: Light manufacturing moduels....

As I think about it, I do have at least one customer that might be
interested in some of this down the road.  They currently use
SQL-Ledger 2.4 in a limited point of sale capacity, and we are trying
to move them to LSMB 1.2 when that comes out.  In addition to the
retail end, they also press cider, some of which they ferment into
hard cider.  They also make donuts but that is probably less easily
automated.   Once we get them on LSMB 1.2 perhaps I will be able to
talk more with them about what they need.

They also run an orchard which means that in the end, there are other
opportunities for the software from them beyond POS and light

One question I have regarding this would be whether some sort of asset
management and depreciation system would be required for cost
accounting for manufacturing operations.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers