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Re: Light manufacturing moduels....


I've never been part of an open source project either so I'm unsure of where to begin either. I'd start by looking at some of the RPG projects that are already on source forge and see if we can't come up with some commonalities among them, perhaps? I suspect that'd tell us what the basic feature set should be for the first release. Just throwing out ideas here.

I'm also all for limiting the feature set of the first release to something sane unless we can get more interest and competent programmers involved in the project as well.


Jeff Gerritsen wrote:
Thanks - sounds great and don't worry about Perl skills, afterall I have about 20 years with RPG on the IBM midrange platform System 3 - 32 - 34 - 36 and AS/400. My main goal coding Perl is easily readable and maintainable code separated out into multiple layers - much like MVC structure.

This is my first open source project - any suggestions on methods to share collaboration ideas?

My plan is too work on this about 15 - 25 hrs a week. I would greatly appreciate input from your clients to provide application feature focus and priority sequencing.



On Friday 26 January 2007 05:51, Charley Tiggs wrote:

I'm interested in helping out.  My skill with Perl is still south of
competent but I have two clients who would benefit from this project so
I'm more than interested in the project.