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Re: Light manufacturing moduels....

On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 19:03 -0800, Jeff Gerritsen wrote:
> I've been watching both email groups SL for years and LSMB since its 
> inception.  One item that keeps surfacing from time to time is the need for 
> some type of MRP module that can interface with either SL or LSMB.
> I have over 11 years combined experience with manufacturing packages written 
> on the IBM AS/400.  That is I've enhanced the RPG code of both Pansophic and 
> Marcams Prism packages.
> After meeting Chris last Monday night, I'm considering designing and writing 
> an MRP module in Perl to interface with LSMB and (if it fits) SL.  This 
> project will be Open Source and placed on Freshmeat and Sourceforge.  
> Currently I'm considering the following areas:
> - Bill of Materials (BOM)
> - Routers
> - Production scheduling.
> 	Inputs from:
> 	- Customer orders
> 	- Internal make orders (for inventory building)
> 	- Etc
> 	Outputs:
> 	- PO's
> 	- Production schedules
> 	- Inventory updates
> 	- GL
> 	- Etc.
> This is just some initial ramblings and thoughts. 
> Would anyone out there be interested in sharing ideas and possibly helping 
> out?
> Jeff Gerritsen

I'm very interested in sharing some ideas and thinking - sorry not sql
or perl cognisant though!!

I would be looking for quite a bit more detail but you're headed in the
right direction. What I am looking for is for a
machining/fabricating/welding/maybe forging business if that helps!