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Re: Light manufacturing moduels....


I'm interested in helping out. My skill with Perl is still south of competent but I have two clients who would benefit from this project so I'm more than interested in the project.


Jeff Gerritsen wrote:
I've been watching both email groups SL for years and LSMB since its inception. One item that keeps surfacing from time to time is the need for some type of MRP module that can interface with either SL or LSMB.

I have over 11 years combined experience with manufacturing packages written on the IBM AS/400. That is I've enhanced the RPG code of both Pansophic and Marcams Prism packages.

After meeting Chris last Monday night, I'm considering designing and writing an MRP module in Perl to interface with LSMB and (if it fits) SL. This project will be Open Source and placed on Freshmeat and Sourceforge.
Currently I'm considering the following areas:
- Bill of Materials (BOM)
- Routers
- Production scheduling.
	Inputs from:
	- Customer orders
	- Internal make orders (for inventory building)
	- Etc
	- PO's
	- Production schedules
	- Inventory updates
	- GL
	- Etc.

This is just some initial ramblings and thoughts. Would anyone out there be interested in sharing ideas and possibly helping out?

Jeff Gerritsen