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Re: Language wars...

Hi Ed;

You are correct that I have not yet used these frameworks.  Several
others on the core team have. My most was largely aimed at letting the
community see why we made the decision we did.

After having done a fair bit of research on this subject (which did
not include using any frameworks as this is best saved for real
tasks), I concluded that, while these are great frameworks for many
applications, it wasn't the best fit for exactly what we were doing.
I am not saying I have anything against these frameworks, and I think
they are great tools for many other applications.  As always the
question really ought to be:

Over all, does this tool add or reduce complexity to the application?
We looked at it when the issue was raised on the list a while back and
concluded that it would add complexity and therefore wasn't a good

BTW, I think that simple one-off tools are also really bad fits for
these frameworks.  The best fits tend to be where one may or may not
need database-independance for the application, but where there is a
commitment to a single development platform for the application and
all add-ins.  This isn't a matter of the frameworks being mature or
not IMO, but rather a matter of what they are designed to do.

Also, I don't know about others, but I have actually found this
conversation very productive.  It has brought up a number of issues
involving approach to data model encapsulation that I am going to have
to think about and will certainly make for interesting and fruitful
discussions later, and I am sure the application will be better for
having had the issue raised.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers