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Re: Language wars...

Chris Travers wrote:
Hi Ed;

We have lookd at MVC concepts and frameworks.  We think the concepts
are a good fit, but we don't like the ORM-centric nature of the
frameworks.  This is actually something we have a relatively strong
concensus regarding in the core team.

My 2p is that people assume that because an ORM is provided that you have to use it. I have a bunch of code which uses a Rails Model which doesn't even attach to a database at all... See it's not just for ORM

I think in the Perl case that frameworks like Catalyst are even less tied to the ORM concept and like you said below you can use TT for the V, anything you like for the M and a bunch of free hooking provided by the framework.

I'm not trying to force anything on anyway, just trying to point out that you seem to be overlooking these frameworks for a reason which is not necessarily valid

Good luck

Ed W