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Re: Language wars...

Ed W wrote:
> Hi
>> You are correct, you don't have to use the ORM and you can break out of
>> it. But then why use it at all? It is reasonably simple (especially the
>> direction we are going) to just have a sane api that you don't have to
>> break out of.
> Well, my point was that it's not really "breaking out".  The Model bit 
> of MVC just means package up the data access part and seperate it from 
> the controller code.  It's a conceptual thing, not something to break 
> out of.  Catalyst doesn't appear to particularly bind you to use a 
> database (as far as I can see, although it's true that Rails does to a 
> certain degree).

I wasn't talking about the MVC model, I was talking about the ORM. The
ORM is the problem here not the MVC model :)


Joshua D. Drake


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