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Re: Install fails at a basic first step when installing perl modules - INSTALL needs changing

On 17/10/12 18:04, Robert James Clay wrote:
On Wed, 2012-10-17 at 11:07 -0400, Kevin Bailey wrote:

That doesn't make sense because there's whole sections in the INSTALL
file referring to squeeze and lenny for example.  And this sort of
thing is a complete showstopper for the average installer.
    I would think that the "average installer" would use the distribution
package available for whichever application they're concerned with.

    And since LedgerSMB is an arch:All package, one could even try
downloading the package from the repositories and use that to start the
installation, although dependencies would have to be handled manually
that way. I haven't tried that on squeeze, though, as I run a local
package repository and just reference that. (I'm afraid I haven't tried
targeting squeeze for quite awhile...)

I've spent years and years working with PHP and we run dozens of
servers.  I've spent years working as a programming contractor.  If
I'm struggling to even get LS working then that means there's a huge
barrier to entry for the average user/sysadmin.
    That's one of the main reasons I started working on the Debian
packaging for LedgerSMB; it's much easier (& repeatable) to use the
Debian package rather than doing a manual installation (I've done that
on Debian test systems but not recently).

The problem is that Debian wheezy is the testing distro version - therefore you might get caught out by perl upgrades etc.

I set up a machine specifically to run wheezy and spent ages sorting out our accounts. Only for an error to appear RE BigInt or something and the system could not save a transaction. Therefore I lost faith and decided to use Debian stable.

The biggest problem LS has at the moment is that you can't get it to run on Debian stable. (Please refer to my emails of the last couple of days). The INSTALL file is not clear and does not enable for LS to be set up.

Saying LS is an arch::all package means nothing to any non-perl people. I think you guys are perl exports - but for non-perl people this sort of thing is just confusing.

Unfortunately, I'm nearly having to go back to SL - but I need to have some accounts working asap.


Kevin Bailey


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