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Re: Install fails at a basic first step when installing perl modules - INSTALL needs changing

On Wed, 2012-10-17 at 11:07 -0400, Kevin Bailey wrote:

> That doesn't make sense because there's whole sections in the INSTALL
> file referring to squeeze and lenny for example.  And this sort of
> thing is a complete showstopper for the average installer.

   I would think that the "average installer" would use the distribution
package available for whichever application they're concerned with.  

   And since LedgerSMB is an arch:All package, one could even try
downloading the package from the repositories and use that to start the
installation, although dependencies would have to be handled manually
that way. I haven't tried that on squeeze, though, as I run a local
package repository and just reference that. (I'm afraid I haven't tried
targeting squeeze for quite awhile...)

> I've spent years and years working with PHP and we run dozens of
> servers.  I've spent years working as a programming contractor.  If
> I'm struggling to even get LS working then that means there's a huge
> barrier to entry for the average user/sysadmin. 

   That's one of the main reasons I started working on the Debian
packaging for LedgerSMB; it's much easier (& repeatable) to use the
Debian package rather than doing a manual installation (I've done that
on Debian test systems but not recently).