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Re: New install

Hi Kevin,

Here's some output from the log - but just to let you know - i'm about
to wipe this server and restart with a vanilla Debian squeeze. ÂThe
reason I want to use squeeze is because we use debian as standard - and
debian stable is one of the best distros and LS really should be able to
work well on this version.

Well, Jame really was asking you all these questions about running on Wheezy because a lot of care is taken to make LSMB install out of the box on the next Debian stable from the packaging system. No external CPAN dependencies which may or may not break our install procedure because they're outside of Debian's and our control.

LSMB doesn't have an out-of-the-box install on Squeeze: some (required or highly recommended) packages are not included in Squeeze (Jame added them to Wheezy now). That being the case, I've successfully installed LSMB 1.3 on multiple Squeeze systems already. Once you get the dependencies right, you're all set to run whichever 1.3 version you want.

One problem: I don't have any notes of my own, but I did write/check some of the notes in INSTALL and/or README.
We need to be able for LS to work smoothly and easily - not to have to
carry out bodges and fixes just to get it to work. ÂIf LS is off-line or
if we have to ditch it and switch to something else we're talking about
large amounts of time to get switched.

Exactly and that's why it's a good thing people are focussing to get LSMB in the repositories for Debian and hopefully Fedora. Thanks for reporting back your issues so Jame can check if there are undetected issues which would have broken LSMB on the next Debian release.

If you're still experiencing issues, please let us know!