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Re: New install

On Mon, 2012-10-15 at 12:07 -0400, Kevin Bailey wrote:

> Can I take it that the dependencies which you say are not available in 
> squeeze are perl extensions and should be available in CPAN?

   Yes, of course; that's where they came from when I packaged them.
(And if there is anything missing, please let me know.)

> The problem I had with wheezy was something to do with the is_zero 
> function not being supplied with a value.

   That sounds like an issue related to the version of Math::BigInt
(discussed here back in March, and resolved IIRC by using v1.997 which
is not in squeeze but is in wheezy).

>   It was OK - but when the 
> packages were updated last week on the wheezy server the latest perl 
> modules seemed to be stricter - as so LS broke.

   If you still have notes regarding that, I'd be very interested in
seeing what the issues were. I do most of my testing on (current) Debian
wheezy systems and I have not seen an issue like that but that be
because I wasn't using what you used when the error came up for you.