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Re: New install


Can I take it that the dependencies which you say are not available in squeeze are perl extensions and should be available in CPAN?

The problem I had with wheezy was something to do with the is_zero function not being supplied with a value. It was OK - but when the packages were updated last week on the wheezy server the latest perl modules seemed to be stricter - as so LS broke.

I've decided to not use debian wheezy as this is a testing version - and if something like perl gets updated then LS could get broken.

What I'm going to do it to attempt to install LS on Debian stable (squeeze). I'm going to use a brand new server and document exactly what was needed to get it set up. Hopefully the INSTALL doc will make sense and the instructions will work.

Will get back with any notes ER setup.

On 15/10/12 16:35, Robert James Clay wrote:
On Mon, 2012-10-15 at 11:21 -0400, Kevin Bailey wrote:
Debian squeeze
    Using Debian wheezy can be easier, even if you're not using the
LedgerSMB Debian package for some reason, because there are some
dependencies that are not available in squeeze but are in wheezy...


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