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Is all data in the database? and what is the master connection?


We're looking to implement LedgerSMB for our accounts. I'd like to set up a couple of separate training copies which should be copies of the live accounts.

I'll have LS installed via Debian packaging - and I've tested installing on a VM.

One thing I like is that the databases seem self contained - the the SQL-Ledger way of storing users in text files seemed to be not very portable.

My question is - are all the details about a set of accounts stored in a single database - what about templates and any image files used in those templates? I.e. how easy is it to create an exact copy of a set of accounts - is it just a question of copying the database?


What is the master connection to the database? Is this normally the user postgres or a new similar user set up. I had some issues with this before and would prefer not to have to set a password for the user postgres - I suppose I should set up a new user which works in the same way as the postgres user.


Kevin Bailey