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Re: Companies Using LedgerSMB

> Unfortunately, I haven't had any reactions to put up on the website. Have
> you?

I'm afraid my understanding was that we hadn't reached a consensus over
what information was being requested or how it should be submitted. That
held back my response - and perhaps that of others?

Anyway, here is some info about my company, which uses ledgersmb:

-- NP Broadcast Limited --
* UK-registered Limited Company
* turnover approx GBP150,000/year
* VAT registered
* 2 ledgersmb users
* payroll via external web site (http://payrollsite.co.uk)

I primarily chose ledgersmb to have control over our accounting data, with
it being stored in an open format and having scope for integration with
other business systems.

I have around ten years experience using QuickBooks, from a previous role.
I considered this and the online services Kashflow and Xero, before
settling on ledgersmb.

I concluded it is too risky to have my business accounting dependent on
the whims of a much larger third party - especially one with a strong
incentive to create user lock-in and ensure ongoing subscriptions.

Had there been a UK-focussed company offering a hosted ledgersmb solution,
with support, for a similar monthly price to other online bookkeeping
software, that would have been tempting - even though we have in-house
hosting and development expertise.

I find the ledgersmb mailing lists helpful and responsive for support
queries, but I'm always concious that this imposes upon the goodwill and
generosity of others when I have a daft question!

I hope that's useful. If you'd like any more information from me, please ask.