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Re: Companies Using LedgerSMB

Hi Erik,

> Thanks a lot for your contribution! I've submitted your content on
> http://ledgersmb.org/content/np-broadcast-limited  for now.....

Happy with your tweaks - reads much better - thank you.

Additional information to answer to your questions inline below:

* Which modules do you use?
AR, AP, GL, Invoicing, Order management (occasionally), Reconciliation

* Which version do you currently use? (I assumed 1.3. Was that correct?)
Correct. currently on 1.3.20

* Which type of industry do you use it for? Is your company services
oriented? Other options: manufacturing, not-for-profit, retail, trading.

We are mainly a services company providing studio and outside broadcast
engineering support to broadcasters. We do some bespoke hardware design,
assembly and software development, but do not generally keep stock or use
ledgersmb's assembly or part-tracking facilities.

* Which operating system do you run LedgerSMB on?
Linux, using apache as the web server. Currently running Ubuntu 12.04.

Many thanks!