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Re: Companies Using LedgerSMB

Hi Nick,

Thanks a lot for your contribution! I've submitted your content on http://ledgersmb.org/content/np-broadcast-limited for now - tweaked a little to have both the considerations and conclusions in the summary at the top ; if you don't like that, I'll happily revert it. Can you send some additional details? We have the following data we try to get registered on testimonials:

* Which modules do you use? AR, AP, GL, Budgetting, Invoicing, Order management, Reconciliation, Order management, Projects, Timecards?
* Which version do you currently use? (I assumed 1.3. Was that correct?)
* Which type of industry do you use it for? Is your company services oriented? Other options: manufacturing, not-for-profit, retail, trading, ...
* Which operating system do you run LedgerSMB on?

If you can't provide information on any or some of these items, that's fine of course. If you want me to edit the entry on the site after reading through it: there are two ways to do that. 1. Register on the site, edit and I'll publish your changes or 2. Simply send any additions to me and I'll update the site.

Thanks again for your contribution!



On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Nick Prater <..hidden..> wrote:
> Unfortunately, I haven't had any reactions to put up on the website. Have
> you?

I'm afraid my understanding was that we hadn't reached a consensus over
what information was being requested or how it should be submitted. That
held back my response - and perhaps that of others?

Anyway, here is some info about my company, which uses ledgersmb:

-- NP Broadcast Limited --
* UK-registered Limited Company
* turnover approx GBP150,000/year
* VAT registered
* 2 ledgersmb users
* payroll via external web site (http://payrollsite.co.uk)

I primarily chose ledgersmb to have control over our accounting data, with
it being stored in an open format and having scope for integration with
other business systems.

I have around ten years experience using QuickBooks, from a previous role.
I considered this and the online services Kashflow and Xero, before
settling on ledgersmb.

I concluded it is too risky to have my business accounting dependent on
the whims of a much larger third party - especially one with a strong
incentive to create user lock-in and ensure ongoing subscriptions.

Had there been a UK-focussed company offering a hosted ledgersmb solution,
with support, for a similar monthly price to other online bookkeeping
software, that would have been tempting - even though we have in-house
hosting and development expertise.

I find the ledgersmb mailing lists helpful and responsive for support
queries, but I'm always concious that this imposes upon the goodwill and
generosity of others when I have a daft question!

I hope that's useful. If you'd like any more information from me, please ask.


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