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Re: Instructions

On 06. sep. 2012 15:06, Brian Wolf wrote:
To host a second company (which is completely separate from the first),
my understanding is that we need to run a separate instance of LedgerSMB
and create a separate PostgreSQL database.  Can someone provide clear
instructions on how to set up the second company? Please be as specific
as possible.

The simple way:
Use your current instance
Use setup.pl to create company database number 2,3,4 with ledgersmbadm user (or a special admin user for each db).

You have to use different usernames on all users.

The safest way:
Deploy multiple instances

<metatrontech> on irc:
Basically roles are globally shared and so a user created on db A is available on db B for grants if they are on the same cluster. Normally we control for this in the following manner if the user exists we throw an error and give the admin a chance to import the user.

This means that if the companies are on different Pg clusters the users cannot be shared and you can prove this, but if they are on the same pg cluster, you can manage it, but you can't prove that users of company A cannot access the books of company b.

Håvard Sørli - http:/www.anix.no