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Re: On Hand correction

Chris Travers wrote:
> My query of this sort has moved into the 1.3 module of
> sql/modules/Inventory.sql, so you can see it in svn.
> It requires extending the parts table slightly to run on 1.2.

I think a similar "wish list" would be to see the net profit per
invoice.  ie something similar to the ledger view, but limited only to
transactions which related to a specific invoice, but also with more
information than the GL view shows.  The point being to look at an
invoice for 6 widgets and a thingamy and see that the system thinks that
the raw buy price came from these 4 purchase invoices and that the cogs
looks ok. 

This kind of view would be really helpful for flushing out cogs
problems.  Also personally I would love to see my profit per item so
that I can figure out what I am selling for the right price, where I am
"bundling", etc (this view would not come from the screen proposed
above, but the basic ground work would be similar)


Ed W