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Re: On Hand correction

Nigel Titley wrote:

Some how I've managed to get the inventory for one of my parts
incorrect. I suspect this was related to some invoice twiddling that I
did early on when I didn't really understand the system, but the upshot
is that I have more in the system than I have on the shelf. How do I go
about getting this right? I can think of two solutions:

1. I create a fictional "Inventory correction" customer and sell the
parts to him at zero cost
2. I delve into the database and fix the quantity directly in the
relevant table

Neither of these seems terribly elegant and the second one sounds
decidedly risky.

With SL at least this happens constantly...

I run a query to count all the items of a given part which are sold and bought. The balance should be the items on hand (although this isn't true if you use the shipping function for sales orders...). Given the correct "on hand" amount I then adjust the database figure to show the correct on-hand

In contrast though if I bought 10, sell 5, onhand=5, but my physical stock check shows only 3 remaining then I must have lost 2 somewhere. These need to be written off. I believe the correct technique is to use a "written off" customer and sell for zero cost. This will cause the P&L to take an immediate loss and the balance sheet will also be adjusted.

Ed W