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Re: Clickable Part Numbers

beamends wrote:
> The ability to alter the description is quite important here - for some
> reason that I wouldn't like to speculate on customers often require the
> description to be vague, such as "Lorry Parts" ;-)

But often the partcode gives this away also, hence the need to alter both.

Also, you may call it an "rA123", but the customer might know that
partcode as "flathead-screwdriver-12mm"

> Apart from my original need to go to a Part record from an Invoice/Quote
> (and for that matter the Goods Inward (Shipping->Receive) form), it
> would be good if a change to the part number refreshed the whole line as
> it's all too easy invoice for the wrong part at the moment.

I think since people clearly need both, that the answer is to show both
*our* partcode AND the overwritten partcode on the same screen.  I think
there is space if we use a vertical aligned column.  I personally think
that the line item should be unchangeable once entered and you delete
and re-enter if "our" code changes, but the customer viewable part code
can be overwritten as often as desired.

I think this should also be a small change in the code - one extra field
which is fixed and unchanging.  Not volunteering to make the change, but
I think it will be only a few lines to add

Ed W