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Re: Clickable Part Numbers

Chris Travers wrote:
On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 2:44 AM, Ed W <..hidden..> wrote:
Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
IIRC, the misfeature of the current 1.2 UI is that if the user edits the
part number for an instantiated line item,
I think the point of this is that different companies will use different
part numbers for the same item.  The idea is that you can set these in
the item itself, but on an adhoc basis you can add an item to an invoice
and then overwrite both the description and the part number

It seems to me we need per-vendor part numbers AND separate associated
UPC codes when we revisit the inventory side.

I think those are in there already, at least in SL they are?

I think the point is that when you view many of the invoice and search screens, all you can see is what was overwritten on the invoice page.

The scenario is as follows:

- I have blue and red widgets, part code, widget-b and widget-r
- Create an invoice and select widget-b
- Then customer says they want red, so the temptation is to overwrite the code column with widget-r and perhaps change the description also.
- End result is that the inventory for blue goes down, but when you do a naive search for all the blue widgets sold it looks like an error because the part codes are listed as apparently being red (only a more advanced query which goes back to the raw part tables will spot this)

Ed W