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Re: On Hand correction

Chris Travers wrote:
> I have a query to do this easily too.  One nice thing is you can get a
> total as it should have existed at any point in time.
> The only tricky part is when you are using assemblies to offer volume
> discounts.  Then you have to look at assemblies too.  It gets more
> complex if SOME assemblies are volume discounts, and others are not.
> What I do in this case is flag volume discounts in the db so I know
> which assemblies to look into.

We may have compared queries to do this in the past, but would be
interested to see your notes again?

I also have problems with assemblies and at least in SL I don't think
there is a way to work back to when you stocked each assembly? 
Certainly I stock mine intermittently and not at the point of each
order, so the data is unreliable.

I am personally happy that the raw totals for each component part are
correct and that the assembly totals are correct "now".

Anything better is an improvement!

All the best

Ed W