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Re: Clickable Part Numbers

On 17 Feb 2009, at 03:22, Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
IIRC, the misfeature of the current 1.2 UI is that if the user edits the part number for an instantiated line item, it does not search for a new part in that lineitem slot. I think the user can even save the document with an arbitrarily altered partnumber, since the hidden parts.id is used
for identity.

If I'm understanding your description correctly I have tended to do this for some miscellaneous items.

I have a part number ZZ-ZZZ-ZZ that has a description of "miscellaneous item" but I have changed that description before posting the item.

I might use this, for example, if I purchase a fancy binder from Staples to put customer documentation or a report in. All my parts are for plumbing items or services, so a usual invoice might consist of "12cm diameter pipe, 1m" x 6, "Labour, 1 hour" x 2.

I don't want to manage stock of a petty stationary item that I'll never use again, or have a part number for it in my database; I do want to bill the customer for the item but I want to add it to the regular invoice & not have to create a separate AR > Add Transaction.

I suspect this usage is "wrong" and I think I have more recently just left the description as "miscellaneous item" and added "binder" or "stationary" or whatever in the item notes, but since the time I started using SQL-Ledger the field was editable, so it "made sense" to edit it.