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Re: Clickable Part Numbers

Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:

IIRC, the misfeature of the current 1.2 UI is that if the user edits the
part number for an instantiated line item,

I think the point of this is that different companies will use different part numbers for the same item. The idea is that you can set these in the item itself, but on an adhoc basis you can add an item to an invoice and then overwrite both the description and the part number

On the other hand this is incredibly dangerous in practice because the instinct for new users is to just correct the itemcode & description (especially if the items are similar) and of course this deducts the wrong inventory item, etc. Also very hard to spot after the event...

I think a useful solution would be that if the code is overwritten, to display it as a fixed field with *our* code first and the overwritten code as an editable box next to it. The final invoice/PO would still only show the overwritten field though

Ed W