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Re: Clickable Part Numbers

Richard wrote:
> I wonder if it would be possible to make the (Part) Number field in
> Invoices and Quotations link to the Part record? The requirement is that
> when creating them, particularly a Quote, I often need to put a part on
> order, or check that it already is, and this is quite cumbersome at the
> moment. Is this a requirement anyone else has?

I think its a good usability feature for the LedgerSMB branches/1.2
version, although such a change won't be incorporated into a maintenance

IIRC, the misfeature of the current 1.2 UI is that if the user edits the
part number for an instantiated line item, it does not search for a new
part in that lineitem slot. I think the user can even save the document
with an arbitrarily altered partnumber, since the hidden parts.id is used
for identity.

If that's the case, then clickable partnumber links to parts definitions
may be appropriate/improvement in some but not all use cases.

Better to evaluate trunk (1.3) behavior before planning modifications,