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Re: Clickable Part Numbers

On Wed, 2009-02-18 at 21:24 -0800, Chris Travers wrote:


> I do a similar thing FWIW.
> >
> > I suspect this usage is "wrong" and I think I have more recently just
> > left the description as "miscellaneous item" and added "binder" or
> > "stationary" or whatever in the item notes, but since the time I
> > started using SQL-Ledger the field was editable, so it "made sense" to
> > edit it.
> I am not sure.  I would suggest slight refinements to your approach
> rather than overhauling it.
> The big thing is that your approach works fine as long as everything
> is set up as a service.  If you set it up as a part, I think FIFO
> considerations might bite you if you are also trying to do project
> accounting.  I.e. you could end up with the wrong purchase price being
> associated with an invoice.  Probably not a big deal for an accounting
> period sinc ethe other invoice would be unlikely to go across periods,
> but if it could skew project balance sheets.
> If you set it up as a service, and it is a quick turn-around item,
> then you can just attach it to the project.
> However, if this is something like a binder used for a report, you
> probably should be tracking it as petty office supplies instead of
> parts.  The simplest way to do this is to use the AP Transaction
> screen and enter directly as an expense and then provide adjustments
> at the end of accounting periods if this is significant.
> Hope this helps,
> Chris Travers

The ability to alter the description is quite important here - for some
reason that I wouldn't like to speculate on customers often require the
description to be vague, such as "Lorry Parts" ;-)

Apart from my original need to go to a Part record from an Invoice/Quote
(and for that matter the Goods Inward (Shipping->Receive) form), it
would be good if a change to the part number refreshed the whole line as
it's all too easy invoice for the wrong part at the moment.


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