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Re: Clickable Part Numbers

On 19 Feb 2009, at 05:24, Chris Travers wrote:
I suspect this usage is "wrong" and I think I have more recently just
left the description as "miscellaneous item" and added "binder" or
"stationary" or whatever in the item notes, but since the time I
started using SQL-Ledger the field was editable, so it "made sense" to
edit it.
The big thing is that your approach works fine as long as everything
is set up as a service.  If you set it up as a part, I think FIFO
considerations might bite you if you are also trying to do project
accounting.  I.e. you could end up with the wrong purchase price being
associated with an invoice.  Probably not a big deal for an accounting
period sinc ethe other invoice would be unlikely to go across periods,
but if it could skew project balance sheets.

I don't think this matters to me. Not only do I ever use this for one- off items of insignificant value, but I don't look at COGS or do project accounting or any of that stuff at all.

If you set it up as a service, and it is a quick turn-around item,
then you can just attach it to the project.

You mean LedgerSMB would prefer it if I set up this part as a service? I guess I can enter an AP for that, just as easily as I do now.

However, if this is something like a binder used for a report, you
probably should be tracking it as petty office supplies instead of
parts.  The simplest way to do this is to use the AP Transaction
screen and enter directly as an expense and then provide adjustments
at the end of accounting periods if this is significant.

Ah! But my dual Scottish and Lancastrian heritage requires me to bill the customer for said petty item (which might equally be an obscure BNC network cable of a type which I'm never going to see again) so my concern is having some part number for a miscellaneous "part" which I can enter on my invoice to the customer.