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Multilingual use

Although this mailing list is English, the Chart of Accounts (COA) one can select are in various languages and the user interface also has a few languages available. However, what is not present is the ability to have more than one language in the COA.

Especially if a business lives on the border with another country (or in a multilingual country), you end up with transactions and staff in multiple languages. It is considered bad form to expect the customer to speak your language (well, it is in non-English and non-French countries but I don't want to start an international flame war here :-) so it means multiple invoice sets etc.

More importantly, though, can be the data entry needs. Although you can be reasonably sure that management staff will speak English, this may not be the case for local accountants and data entry clerks, and that means that, at present, account titles like "1234 Cars - Voitures - Autos" will be required (and note I'm assuming here that the core business language would be English - which is already a stretch).

I would like to know if I'm the only one coming across this issue. I can't see the point in asking for a feature that would only benefit my specific use of the program (I refer to the date default discussion which makes sense but is also for a limited audience) - I'll manage. I also know that this can have quite an impact on reporting (which language to pick?) but that could be a later phase, I'm more concerned with making sure a secretary doesn't need to think about which a/c to post to because the descriptions aren't clear. I prefer to prevent errors before they're made..

To avoid the template answer, alas I can't submit a patch (and I suspect that goes for a great deal of your target audience). I haven't coded for over 20 years so I don't think that my skills would be up to the general quality of LSMB, let alone that I used to code in some proprietary languages if I wasn't crafting 6303 assembler :-).

So, to summarise: anyone else in a multilingual country or living close to the border?

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