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Re: Re. drafting hours

Anyone who has an idea for a modular add-on and wants to build one is
welcome to float ideas on the list.  We on the core team are largely
tied up trying to move the current code to something more
maintainable, but are happy to provide information about how to go
about doing this with the minimum of upgrade hassles.  Note that many
parts of the database are not stable yet, of course, and that our
advice might be "wait for release 1.x").

In the case of things that hit AR/AP transactons, invoices, or sales
orders directly,  would suggest revisiting it as everything in 1.4
gets formalized (feature freeze).

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers

On 3/23/07, Peter Houppermans <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris, I think you've hit the nail on the head - it's a workflow problem.

With timesheets, the process is normally that an operator (ideally the
individuals themselves) file their timesheet.  This means access to the
timesheet module and (depending on the complexity of the business) some
sort of subset of hour types (regular, overtime, travel or plumbing,
electricity, gas, whatever).

The next step would be client authorisation.  This means access to a
module that just lists the filed timesheets, maybe with some
calculations and an 'OK' button that in principle despatches the
timesheet into the accounts for processing.

This is, incidentally, a process identical to the one you'd use for
expense authorisation - it may be worth having a look at this whole idea
as a modular add-on.  It would sure be a serious help in some companies
I've dealt with, but expense and time sheet handling are in some places
complete systems on their own.

/// P ///

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