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Re: drafting invoices

On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 14:19 +1000, Ashley J Gittins wrote:
> As for drafts specifically, I guess it would be helpful for some to be able to 
> save invoices and other docs "in progress" - I wonder how much extra 
> infrastructure is going to be required though to handle these "twilight zone" 
> documents though - it ain't an invoice, and it ain't a sales order, it's some 
> sort of embryonic thing that has no home in the current reporting or menu 
> system, so some effort might be required in adding a new "state" for these 
> docs. Others will likely have good ideas for solving this though so don't 
> think I'm entirely against it, I just think it's not as simple as adding 
> a "save" button to the invoice entry screen.
Actually I think its probably quite simple to implement: just a setup
option to have drafts available. If set on, a Drafts checkbox appears on
some screens. If set, then the record is flagged as such. The sql of
many current reports etc gets a 'where DRAFT is null' added. That's it.
If the app were designed and implemented in oo this would be a fairly
trivial change.

> Personally I would probably want to turn drafts off - if you are doing an 
> invoice, FINISH IT! It just opens up another hole for things to fall through 
> imho, but I know it would suit some people's workflows better.
Yes, I understand that and try to work according to 'best accounting
practice' and all that. Its just that lately I have found that is a bit
of a pain.

If implemented, then the current 'Post' button could be rebadged as
'Save', consistent to the 'Save' for customer etc records. Currently it
means 'post to database and post to accounts'. Save always means 'post
to database', but if its flagged as 'Draft' its not considered 'Posted
to accounts'.