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Re: 1.4.28 --- income statement messed up

Hi Michael,

On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 3:21 PM, Michael Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:
Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
    > Thanks for your report! Based on it, I can conclude that apparently
    > nobody has been using check printing in 1.4... because the "project_id"
    > column has been removed when making the step from 1.3 to 1.4.

More problems with 1.4.28:

I ask for an income statement, and I get a confused piece of balance sheet.
I tried with various settings for ignoring year end.

For some reason, LedgerSMB thinks you set up your CoA for 'hierarchy reporting', but the "Current earnings" node apparently is not pointing the right direction. When using "hierarchy reporting", all children of the "current earnings" node will be included in your income statement.

The current earnings node is configured in the System > Defaults screen:

Inline image 1

I asked for a balance sheet and got all sorts of income/expense accounts
listed, and then mysteriously the second time (having tried GIFI for fun in
between), I got something sane...

Ah, Balance sheet: "Full" gives me everything.

Accounting categories gives me "sane":

This is a clear indication there's something wrong with your hierarchy of accounts, I mean the fact that Accounting Categories works, means that the categories aren't messed up, nor is the mapping of categories to the balance sheet. That means, your hierarchy may be off in the sense that the hierarchy doesn't group the accounts you want grouped.

The numbers may be way off, I don't know yet.

For the Income statement, setting  a starting date has the same effect as closing the prior year.
I guess I have to do the 2015 summary manually.

What further debug can I provide?  It's as if the COA is screwed up and has
placed accounts into the wrong categories.  Yes, I'll update to .29.

Given your screenshots above, I'd say that you should be able to get expected (sane) output using the "Account categories" reports types. You should be able to do that on 1.4.28.

The solution to getting "sane" output in hierarchy reporting, is to determine your hierarchy requirements (e.g. do you want cost sub categories, like "employee costs") and to create an account tree accordingly.

Hope that helps!



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