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closing year end vs drafts

I try to close out 2014 so that I can get a good view of accounts since
I can't get a proper P&L.  I should have done this before, but there were
certain tax related adjustments that I hadn't entered yet.

It says:
  Error from Function:
   ERROR: Unapproved transactions in closed period CONTEXT: SQL statement
  "SELECT eoy_create_checkpoint(in_end_date)" PL/pgSQL function
  "eoy_close_books" line 4 at PERFORM More information has been reported in
  the error logs at LedgerSMB.pm line 764.  

I have drafts that were never approved. Not surprising.
They got lost as drafts and were re-entered.

Now I attempt to remove the old drafts:


   23503:ERROR: update or delete on table "acc_trans" violates foreign key
   constraint "cr_report_max_ac_id_fkey" on table "cr_report"
   DETAIL: Key (entry_id)=(25257) is still referenced from table
   "cr_report". CONTEXT: SQL statement "DELETE FROM acc_trans WHERE trans_id
   = in_id" PL/pgSQL function "draft_delete" line 9 at SQL statement at
   LedgerSMB.pm line 770. 
   dbversion: 1.4.28, company: sswbooks

How do I delete these unapproved transactions?
Somehow the drafts are referenced in the reconciliations reports, I guess?

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