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Re: 1.4.28 --- income statement messed up

Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
    > Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.
I had struggled through with data from CoA report and a spreadsheet,
and the result was a mess which the tax authority rejected.
I now have time to "fix" it...

I don't really get why it is messed up, I did my 2014 report with 1.4 last
year..   My Current Earnings account is set to 3300 ShareCapital.
I don't think I've changed it.

My CoA looks sanely arranged to me.
1000 Current Assets
 ... a number of accounts
1500 INVENTORY Assets
1800 CAPITAL Assets


When I ask for Income statement, I get a lone:

        3400 - Historical Balancing     -11.27
                           Q - Equity   -11.27
                     Current earnings   -11.27

When I ask for Balance Sheet I get something sane with
Assets, Liabilities, Equity.  (I think that I got nonsense before)

    > For some reason, LedgerSMB thinks you set up your CoA for 'hierarchy
    > reporting', but the "Current earnings" node apparently is not pointing
    > the right direction. When using "hierarchy reporting", all children of
    > the "current earnings" node will be included in your income statement.

So I'm thinking that it should be set to something like "4000 SALES REVENUE",
which I'll try...  I don't see some entry which would be above the 4000 SALES
REVENUE, and also above 5000 COST OF GOODS SOLD.  CoA doesn't seem to
clearly have a tree, just a two-level hierarchy.

What bit need to be set for an account to show up in the Current Earnings drop-down?

    > This is a clear indication there's something wrong with your hierarchy
    > of accounts, I mean the fact that Accounting Categories works, means
    > that the categories aren't messed up, nor is the mapping of categories
    > to the balance sheet. That means, your hierarchy may be off in the
    > sense that the hierarchy doesn't group the accounts you want grouped.

    > Given your screenshots above, I'd say that you should be able to get
    > expected (sane) output using the "Account categories" reports types.
    > You should be able to do that on 1.4.28.

    > The solution to getting "sane" output in hierarchy reporting, is to
    > determine your hierarchy requirements (e.g. do you want cost sub
    > categories, like "employee costs") and to create an account tree
    > accordingly.

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