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1.4.28 --- income statement messed up

Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
    > Thanks for your report! Based on it, I can conclude that apparently
    > nobody has been using check printing in 1.4... because the "project_id"
    > column has been removed when making the step from 1.3 to 1.4.

More problems with 1.4.28:

I ask for an income statement, and I get a confused piece of balance sheet.
I tried with various settings for ignoring year end.

I asked for a balance sheet and got all sorts of income/expense accounts
listed, and then mysteriously the second time (having tried GIFI for fun in
between), I got something sane... 

Ah, Balance sheet: "Full" gives me everything.

Accounting categories gives me "sane":

The numbers may be way off, I don't know yet.

I guess I have to do the 2015 summary manually.

What further debug can I provide?  It's as if the COA is screwed up and has
placed accounts into the wrong categories.  Yes, I'll update to .29.

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