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with both 1.4.27 and 1.4.28, having run setup.pl to upgrade each time, I
get the following when attempting to pay (post+print PDF/screen) a payment to
an open invoice.

Does not happen with just POST.
I can't recall last time I successfully printed a checque in 1.4: I know I
have been writing them manually because of template issues that I hadn't resolved.


42703:ERROR: column ac.project_id does not exist
LINE 3: ...ate, ac.source, ac.cleared_on, ac.fx_transaction, ac.project... ^ QUERY: SELECT pl.payment_id, ac.entry_id, pl.type as link_type, ac.trans_id, a.invnumber as invoice_number, ac.chart_id, ch.accno as chart_accno, ch.description as chart_description, ch.link as chart_link, ac.amount, ac.transdate as trans_date, ac.source, ac.cleared_on, ac.fx_transaction, ac.project_id, ac.memo, ac.invoice_id, ac.approved, ac.cleared_on, ac.reconciled_on FROM acc_trans ac JOIN payment_links pl ON (pl.entry_id = ac.entry_id ) JOIN chart ch ON (ch.id = ac.chart_id) LEFT JOIN (SELECT id,invnumber FROM ar WHERE in_account_class = 2 UNION SELECT id,invnumber FROM ap WHERE in_account_class = 1 ) a ON (ac.trans_id = a.id) WHERE pl.payment_id = in_payment_id CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function "payment_gather_line_info" line 4 at FOR over SELECT rows at LedgerSMB.pm line 770.

dbversion: 1.4.28, company: sswbooks

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