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Re: Corner cases

On 5/6/07, David L. Smith-Uchida <..hidden..> wrote:

> 1)  No way to track prepayments against orders (fundamental database
> shortcoming)
Ugh.  Yes I am running into this while I am trying to convert from

 Also no way to track prepayments against Accounts Payable.
I think that the whole structure of Accounts Receivable/Accounts
Payable needs some rethinking there.  Payments should be separate
transactions and then maybe have another table that tracks how the
payments were applied to invoices/bills.

Not sure what you mean by this second case.

Either way payment handling has been recently discussed here for 1.4,
and we expect to entirely redesign that at such a point.

Another thing that I am seeing in 2.6 is that SQL-Ledger does not
handle currencies that do not have fractional values very well.  We
do things in Yen and the minimum value is 1 yen.  There are no
fractional yen, at least in common usage (it's as though the US unit
was pennies).  SQL-Ledger doesn't seem to know that and when it does
things like calculate tax it makes a fractional value instead of
rounding properly.

Yes, we are aware of this as well and are working to move things.
Currently the entire system is tied to 2 decimal places which is
sub-optimal, but as of 1.4, we expect this to change.

Does this work right in Ledger-SMB?  If not, maybe this is something
I can work on a fix for.

Sure.  Most of the work right now is going into 1.3, which is expected
to offer a new and better architecture for new code, and contact
management, but it is really a minimum.  If there are specific areas
you would like to see make it into 1.3, start by submitting proposals
regarding how something should work, and we can work with you to get
the stored procedures and db structure right.  I can't guarantee it
will make it into 1.3, but it may at least give a head start for 1.4
and make that happen faster.

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers

Dave Smith
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