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Re: Corner cases

1)  No way to track prepayments against orders (fundamental database
Ugh. Yes I am running into this while I am trying to convert from Quicken. Also no way to track prepayments against Accounts Payable. I think that the whole structure of Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable needs some rethinking there. Payments should be separate transactions and then maybe have another table that tracks how the payments were applied to invoices/bills.

Another thing that I am seeing in 2.6 is that SQL-Ledger does not handle currencies that do not have fractional values very well. We do things in Yen and the minimum value is 1 yen. There are no fractional yen, at least in common usage (it's as though the US unit was pennies). SQL-Ledger doesn't seem to know that and when it does things like calculate tax it makes a fractional value instead of rounding properly.

Does this work right in Ledger-SMB? If not, maybe this is something I can work on a fix for.

Dave Smith

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