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Site for LedgerSMB Forum

I've been lurking for a while watching LSMB develop, very pleased with what I see.
There were posts about a need for a forum but no one stepped up.
I think a forum will be a big usability step forward for many users/potential users. I also think a forum will allow some advantages with sections OFF the mailing lists: Large posts such as configuration files or posts that have a very small interest group can be handled better in a separate forum rather than irritating mailing lists users with big uninteresting emails to wade through.
Easy to find copies of FAQ's and HOWTO guides

I have set up a forum here:

Link to actual forum:

I would like to add the archived mailing lists (as far back as is appropriate) and have the new editions update the forum and vice-versa. I could really use help with that part, setting up scripts to move existing mailing lists into database and where to best get the data/send the data

I think some OS specific forums could be really helpful.
Any other suggestions on which categories are most appropriate?
I haven't run a forum before so I am open to ANY level of advice and feedback. I picked a free, perl forum to use since I speak perl ( a little better than badly, but learning) but don't speak PHP at all.

If anyone sees anything that needs correcting or is inappropriate please notify me.
Please send any forum related email to ..hidden..

Chris Bennett