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Re: Template storage mechanism?

On 4/7/07, Les Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:
> Software that lets you abstract/automate/generate/manage templates.
> There are a number of different approaces and techniques.
> TemplateToolkit is a popular one in  the Perl world, but I'm not very
> familiar with it. I think the plan is to start using this in LSMB.
> http://www.template-toolkit.org/

Yes, this would be fine. It simplifies the use of templates, not their

Yeah, sorry. I meant to state that different engines provide some/all
of the features of abstraction, automation, generation and management.

I chose not to use this, since I've added metadata to the forms generated
from the html templates. This allows me to store defaults, entry type
types (ie. selects, input, checkboxes, textarea), etc. directly in another
metadata table that users can then configure. It adds more configurability
to my app (Open Admin) without having to mess with the templates (for
which I don't have any web based tools yet).

Sounds interesting, but I don't see why this can't be done with a
template engine that allows for dynamic templates. Like I said, I
don't know the boundaries of TT very well, but I'm certain there are
others that could accomplish this.

Yes, this would also work fine. Our differences here are simply one of
philosophy. Both approaches (files in filesystems vs fields in database)
will work.

We agree to disagree... (grin)

Agreed... or is that disagreed? :-)

After having worked on large systems like this, I prefer to keep code
and user content in their own places. From my experience, it makes for
easier maintenance and backups. However, I agree that there's more
than one way to do it - that's the perl motto after all.