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Re: Template storage mechanism?

On 4/6/07, Les Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:
That won't work. The html templates don't look like any kind of wellformed
/ valid xml (at least for xml parsing) since attributes aren't quoted, and
they of course contain tags for replacement values in any case.

Those are the existing templates, which IMO aren't worth putting on
the filesystem or in the db. I'm really hoping that once we start
doing things properly, we will have a real template engine that will
have a validation mechanism.

But I would really have to question the utility of doing so if only to
backup... Make a copy of the directory instead. The filesystem is a
wonderful storage tool, also.

So is a box with a lid, but I wouldn't want to put the templates there
either. :-) We're talking about building things right. User generated
material is data, it's storage place is in the database. The
application is code, it's storage place is in svn. Ideally, people
should be able to svn update to a revsision number and all would work.