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Re: Where we are going with 1.3

On 3/25/07, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
1)  There is some debate (so far, over IRC) over whether to move
templates into the database,
  a)  makes for easier security because we can have full ACL-based support
  a)  makes it harder to edit using a basic text editor.
  b)  adds one more area to the code that will require more extensive testing

Any other thoughts or concerns?  What do people think about this
direction in general?

I'm all for it. Everything that is outside of svn should be in the DB
IMO, because it's not code, it's data. It's fairly trivial to have a
mechanism that provides for admins to click on a link to download a
template and then use a file upload (via a web form) to replace it. It
means that they still get all the functionality of their favorite text
editor, *and* their templates are backed up with their data.