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Re: perl OO API?

Just to qualify (before people become too hopeful):

I don't expect that this will be complete in 1.3.  Rather 1.3 will be
the first release that offers this capability and begins to implement
it.  We are looking at starting off with the customers/vendors with a
stretch goal of adding some capacity for the invoicing.

2.0 will be the release when this is complete.

On 1/3/07, Ashley J Gittins <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris I just wanted to chime in here and say... Whooo!

This all sounds excellent - I wholeheartedly support the direction of sticking
to PostgreSQL and the separation of UI and process. I wanted to say something
because all too often this sort of infrastructural work is long and tedious
and at times, thankless.

Thanks :-).  I also think that after 1.3, it will be far easier for
people to add their own features as modules, which will be a major

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers