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Re: Creating POs/Salesorders directly...

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 10:36, Charley Tiggs wrote:
> Hello,
> Have I left anything out?  I don't have multiple warehouses so the
> inventory table doesn't seem to come into play.  Shipping/receiving is
> not involved at this point, either.

Genrally,  you should avoid directly inserting/updating putting stuff right  
into the database.   

When you turn on the statement logging,  you can get a pretty complete picture 
of what's going on, but it's not really the 'best' way right.  

We will be adding stored procedures to do many of the manipulations you 
describe, right in the db layer.  Once that's togeather and working, You can 
connect directly to the database and use those SP's to manipulate the data.

For now, I'd use the Chris' CLI tool  in svn, (trunk/utils/cli) or the web 
api, where you just GET/POST urls to oe.pl.  (I can get you an example later, 
don't have one handy right now)

If you insert/update directly into the database, you'll have to carefully 
watch schema changes when you upgrade to ensure you continue to set the 
correct data.  If you don't, you may find that one day you'll have a bunch of 
inconsistent data in your database. :(

Also, in the next month or two, a REST API is coming, where you should be able 
to simply POST XML Sales order documents.


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