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Re: perl OO API?

on 01/03/07 17:18 Chris Travers wrote:
> Hi Klavs;

Hi Chris
> I am going to describe where we are going here with the API.  We have
> abandoned all appearances of supporting any db's other than PostgreSQL
> and will be re-engineering the API over the next year or so.  1.3 will
> be the first release with some of the API re-written.
Sounds like a smart move.

> You can divide the logic of the application into really a few areas:
> 1)  Data logic (M)
> 2)  UI Generation (V)
> 3)  Application logic (C)
> Most of what is in the SQL-Ledger PM's at the moment is data logic.
> Data logic will be moved entirely into the db via stored procedures to
> the greatest extent practical.  A very light-weight object model will
> sit on top of these.
I like this very much - would be nice with a DB that actually ensures
data integrity.
I guess the stored procedures would also be the ones that ensures that
date periods that are closed (and ie. not possible to edit/add to) stays
that way.(a feature implemented in a messy way in SL and required by,
among other countries, danish accounting law).

> UI Generation is going to be done in Template Toolkit at first and
> then XML/XSLT as the API matures.  We will probably support  both TT
> and XML/XSLT in parallel.  The RESTful API is essentially treated as a
> UI.
If I'm understanding you correctly, then it sounds good :)

> I assume that by the time 1.3 comes out, we will have a better idea of
> what sort of logic the application still has to handle outside this.
> Certainly authentication and some other areas need to be looked at
> here.  Once we really start moving to this model, we will probably
> find that most of this is simple proceedural stuff.
with a sound structure, as it sounds like you are working on building,
I'm sure it will be.

> Note that since most of the data logic will be contained in the db, it
> will be trivial to write other apps that interact with LedgerSMB in
> any other language.
> Hope this helps, and sorry for the delay.
It definetely helps.

Do you have any list of tasks one can pick up and work on to help the
project along?

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