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perl OO API?

Hi guys,

I started a project, called OpenLedger last year, but got a lot of jobs as a consultant, which meant I didn't have as much time as I used too - and also I got as far in the project that it was usable to me - so had to give it a lower priority :(


I would like to work on getting this API to work for LedgerSMB - as I'd like to switch to using LedgerSMB, and I currently use this API for two things: 1) integration with OSCommerce - via perl scripts that create invoices for orders in oscommerce. 2) automaticly (depending on when their subscriptions needs renewal) creating invoices for customers and emailing to them as PDF.

My vision with OpenLedger was:
Produce a nice perl-based API, which is to be the ONLY way to
interact with the SL data - no matter if it's the webinterface or some
third-part program that accesses it (and f.ex. python-based programs can
use the perl-based API too  :)

The idea here, is that this would make it easy for other programs to integrate with the accounting system - and also clean up the mess that is the SQLLedger code (where GUI and business/data handling code is totally intertwined).

The openledger project also showed how easy it was to create a SOAP interface to the API (there's an example in the openledger CVS).

I would very much like to hear your thoughts and ideas and hope we can find some agreement on how you'd like this done - as I would very much like there to be a real Free Software Accounting project, with great functionality and I'd like to help this along, as it would also help me with my own business needs.

I could ofcourse just continue using SQLLedger, with all its security bugs (just hide it behind basic auth) - but that's just ugly IMHO.

p.s. I'm open to any object vs. function-based arguments - I'm a fan of OO and like the abilities (incl. abstraction) it gives you.

In my opinion, Object-Oriented code, if done right, will enable the API to be the same (and thus not forcing projects using it to change their code all the time), and being easy to expand using new objects/methods and polymorfing functions when an extra parameter is needed for same method etc.

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